Hello friends. 

I always find myself wanting to know more about the person behind the blog, so if you feel similarly, read on. If you don't, what are you even doing here? 

My name is Jessica but no one really calls me that. Everyone calls me Jess and I like it that way, it feels much more familiar. Don't call me by my full name or I'll feel like I'm in trouble. I may be a couple years away from thirty, but whenever my Marm uses my full name, it sends a chill down my spine. 

I'm a California girl who has called the Gem State home for the better part of the past decade (with a one year stint living in South Korea). If you ever have questions about teaching abroad or my experience in Korea- email me. It's one of my favorite topics. 

I love coffee but wish I enjoyed tea more. It just seems so fancy. I am so completely uncoordinated and often suffer from what my sisters and I call, "Tumnus Feet." It's when you suddenly start walking like a strange hoofed animal out of nowhere and you lose your balance a little. Essentially, I'm the most graceful girl on the planet. I enjoy cooking and baking, so you'll see a little of that sprinkled here and there. I am a flawed follower of Jesus Christ who tries to be better and sometimes succeeds but mostly does not. 

The name of this blog is from one of my favorite songs by my favorite band, Rilo Kiley. It's a challenge for me to be a little braver, to be more adventurous, and to make the most out of my trips around the sun. 

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