January 31, 2013

i feel pretty, oh so pretty

Have you guys ever been told that you look like a celebrity and you're really flattered? That's always the best feeling.

Have you ever been told that you look like a celebrity and you're absolutely horrified? IT'S THE WORST. It's especially the worst if it's in a public place, someone else hears, and you're trying to laugh it off when all you really want to do is cry into your lemon sorbet. 

Woe is me.

Unfortunately, I've been compared to some less than stellar celebrities in my life. I was just reminded of this tonight when my dear bloggy friend Fran commented on one of my Instagram and compared to me a seriously lovely celebrity named Rena Sofer. Rena is absolutely gorgeous and although I think I look nothing like her, I'll take it. I'll take it because it's not Elton John.

Elton John? You heard me right. ELTON JOHN. One time, the internet (that stinkin' bully) told me that my celebrity face match was Elton John. There's nothing that will boost your confidence more than being told you look like an elderly, homosexual, chunky man. I love Elton. If you were comparing my piano playing skills to his, I'd be stoked beyond belief. But the fact of the matter is that no girl wants to be told the only celebrity she looks like is Elton John.

Another one that wasn't my favorite was when I was told I looked like Anne Hathaway. I know that you're thinking any comparison to Anne Hathaway is a great comparison, but not when the person distinguishes that you're pre-makeover Princess Diaries Anne Hathaway.

Need a reminder?

I think this one is not the best to hear because it's so accurate. That was me. I'm just scarred and I hate hearing this because out of all celebrities, I'm convinced I look most like pre-hairbrush break Princess Mia. WOE IS ME. AGAIN. WOE IS ME.

I decided to see if the internet would be any kinder to me this evening, would it suddenly tell me that I look like Connie Britton or Kristen Wiig? Would I have left my days of Elton John behind me and become a dead ringer for Adriana Lima? I was confident that I'd be pleasantly surprised with my results tonight.

Oh Jess, you foolish, foolish girl.

Do you guys see this? I am a 71% match for Jack Osbourne. I actually have a picture of Jack Osbourne and I together but I can't bring myself to post it because I hate that we're basically twins. I can't look at it ever again without the realization that he is my doppleganger.

AND JIANG ZEMIN? Really, Universe? I really look like a Chinese politician WHO IS A MAN?!

Here I am with my wife just having a blast with the Bush's. Best friends forever.
So here I am, a 25 year old girl, and the best the internet can give me is Elton John, Jack Osbourn, and Jiang Zemin. Thanks a lot Universe. Hope you're having a good laugh. Real mature.  

Who have you been told you look like? I want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly... or if you're me, the bad, bad, and the bad. 

January 28, 2013

uncle tony

I've had a couple posts I've tried to share but honestly, my world was rocked this week when my uncle passed away. I got the call Wednesday afternoon that he had a stroke and was in a coma. Because of the placement of the stroke it was deemed inoperable and then after more tests they discovered that the damage was too extensive that there was nothing that could be done to save him. He passed away shortly after 5:30 pm Thursday evening. 
I will always remember the life of my uncle, the sheer joy, the love, the kindness, and the sass that flowed freely whenever you were around him. I will always remember him as having a glass of red wine resting on his belly and his perfect high pitched laugh that my dad could bring about so easily whenever they were together. 
My father (in the vest) & Tony... look who has his signature glass of wine!
You can read more about the legacy of Uncle Tony here.

January 23, 2013

Yes, Dear Studio

It has been a doozy of a week. It's been so cold, like negative in the morning cold, the repairs haven't really started in my house yet, and my computer died! A friend spilled water on it at a coffee shop so little Jessabelle (yes, that's my computers name) is at the Mac Store hopefully having some new life breathed into her. 

Although this week has been a little rough, it's also had some really great parts to it, like getting to pose for a really fun (and freezing!) shoot for Yes, Dear Studio! Aubrey and Phil (the two owners) are dear friends of mine and I was so excited when Aubs asked me to pose for her. We had a ton of fun, shared some laughs, and enjoyed frozen noses together. I realize I'm the subject of the pictures, but I've got to say, Aubs did a great job! 

Here's a little teaser for you guys: 

Aubs and Phil make the cutest wedding invitations and take the loveliest photos. You can see the shots from my session here! These two creative lovebirds are relocating from Boise to San Diego this summer, so if you know of anyone needing portraits, invites, or wedding photos- send them to Phlaubs. We've combined their names. It's the best.

I'll see you guys later this week with some Bach Chat when my computer is reborn.  

January 16, 2013

pipes can freeze?

Before I embarrass myself, let me start out by informing everyone that I am a California girl. I am used to warm temperatures, I can maneuver traffic on the five like no ones business, and the snow is super foreign to me. I did spend two years in Idaho for school but when I was living here, I was living in a dorm/campus apartment style house. I turned on the heat when it was cold and turned on the air when I was hot. I didn't have to think about pipes and stuff like that. 

I am not dumb. I swear. I know that this whole thing probably makes me sound very naive, but there are so many factors that go into having your own home in a different climate! 

It's been ridiculously cold in Idaho lately. I'm talking waking up to zero degree mornings and having it be twelve degrees at the warmest part of the day. Maybe some people are used to that, but not me. When I left for California in mid December it was cold, but not super cold. It was a normal chilly winter. Ain't no thang, right?


I got a call three days before I left to come back to Idaho from my boss saying, "Hey. So I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want first?" Bad news, obviously. You always want the bad news first so that the good news smoothes it over and leaves you hopeful. Well, she just decided to tell me the good news first totally throwing off my system! "Good news is you're getting a new kitchen in the house. Bad news is that a pipe in the kitchen burst." After talking for a little while she asked, "Did you leave the heat on when you left?"

Leave the heat on? Yeah right. I know better than that! Turn off the heat! Go green. Save money and energy! A heater left on in an old empty house could start a fire or something, right? 

Wrong again Jess.

Because of my naive California ways, I thought I was doing something so smart and helpful by turning off the heater before I left, when in reality, I was setting this old house up for failure. The couple weeks while I was gone in California happened to be some of the coldest that this area has seen in a long time. This house is old, the pipes are old, andddd those old little pipes just decided to freeze, explore, flood, and refreeze. Real mature of them if you ask me. 


There you have it. The picture on the left is the basement which is directly below the kitchen. It looks much worse than it actually is. There's damage to the ceiling and the electrical outlets, plus I need to make sure that the espresso machine is still in working order. They decided to rip out the carpet because it was damaged from the water, but that's something I wanted to do already.

The picture on the right is the kitchen. I took this after they removed all the appliances and ripped out the flooring. The kitchen needs a new sink and a new floor, there was a tiny bit of damage to the cupboards so they are trying to see if those will need to be replaced as well. I sure as heck hope so, the people who lived here a couple years prior painted them red and brown. I am not a fan of them. They've been on my to do list as well, so I wouldn't be disappointed to see them go. 

The university I work for has been talking about doing some renovation in this house for a while, so I just expedited the process, right? I'm so lucky to work for a place so understanding and gracious with me when I make naive mistakes like turning the heat off in the dead of winter for two weeks. 

Lesson learned. Pipes can freeze. Fifty five keeps people alive... and houses


January 12, 2013

home is where the heart is

When I originally scheduled my ticket to go home for Christmas, I was able to get a killer deal ($300 roundtrip from Boise to SD- so great!) but it meant that I'd be home for twenty days. I haven't spent more than two weeks at home in over a year and a half so I was a bit apprehensive about it. Don't get me wrong, my family is so great and we adore each other, but I don't have a room anymore since my grandmother has moved in with us so I'd spend the time sleeping in my little sisters bedroom with her. 

You know what? It was perfect. I am so glad that I shared a room with Sophia while I was home. If I had my own room still, it would have been much easier to go up there and be alone, but since I didn't have that opportunity, there was so much togetherness. I got to spend the moments before falling asleep laughing with my sweet sister and pretending to speak Spanish. 

Yo tengo un gorda cabeza. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from my perfect home-cation. 

I was able to assist in throwing my sister Nebrisa a surprise engagement party. She was BEYOND surprised and even cried, which obviously means we were successful! Bris is great at surprising others and always goes out of her way to celebrate people in really lovely ways, so it was so wonderful to be able to do something for her!
In 'N Out you guys. So good. Perfection. I would be super appreciative if they opened a location in Boise. Please? 

Look at that handsome pup! Don't you just wanna snuggle the heck out of him? That's Angus, my sweet German Shepherd! He's so handsome. I spet some great time with him and was able to take him to the dog park where he would not let any of the other dogs hump him. Way to go Gus. 

One of my dear friends from college, Marisa, recently relocated to LA with her husband. I haven't been able to see her since May of 2011 so we made it a priority to see each other when I was home. We enjoyed a great little escape to the Palm Springs area and had some much needed girl time. 

I was finally able to hike Torrey Pines with my sisters and mom. I had seen pictures of them going there and was so jealous. What's better than hiking right over the ocean? I wasn't able to go when I got back from Korea because there wasn't enough time so it was something I definitely wanted to do while I was home for Christmas. It is now going to be a tradition, if I'm home for more than a couple days, we'll head down to Torrey Pines! If you live in the Southern California area, I highly recommend making a trip down there! 

And this was perhaps the sweetest moment of all. Cody has demolished me every single time we've played! EVERY TIME! It's usually by such a shameful amount too but this time, this one time I beat him! I haven't beat him since and I probably won't ever beat him again, but this single victory was enough. 

Most of these pictures are from instagram, 
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