August 30, 2012

YOU are faithful

I have recently been completely and entirely blown away by God's faithfulness, especially when I am so completely undeserving of His blessings. I just look back on the past year and a half and am awestruck at where I've been and where I'm at. God has provided so many incredible opportunities for me. Most recently, He has blessed me with the PERFECT job. I will be getting to do psychosocial rehabilitation with kids. Not only do I get to work with kids again (which is ideal), the job and the hours are so perfectly tailored for what I can take on right now. It's almost as if this specific position was created solely for me. 

I know that it is easy to praise God when the blessings roll in, but I think it's imperative to praise Him even in the dry spells, even in the times where you look around and think, "Hey God, could you throw me a bone?!" God is there even when we feel alone. 

He's good even when we are not.

Last night at Time Out (the weekly student lead service at NNU) I was introduced to this song and it has been pressed on my heart ever since hearing it. 

I am just lovin' it. 
I am just lovin' life. 
God is good. 
God is oh so good. 

August 25, 2012

Idaho Nights & Missing Teeth

Idaho has absolutely perfect weather right now- it's hot and dry while the nights cool down to the 70's. I am just loving it. It's a huge improvement from the hot, sticky, and wet weather in South Korea. The other night I attended an event called "The Gathering." It's a get together for everyone who works at the university along with their families. I wasn't going to attend just because I felt like I needed a night of relaxation, but was convinced to attend by some of the people I work with. 
I am SO glad they changed my mind, it was a blast. I ended up playing softball on the Student Development team, and although we lost both games, it was a lot of fun.

I got laid out TWICE during the two games. It was hilarious, although my I've had a headache since being knocked down and I'm starting to wonder if there's a connection there... The first time it was by a very big man who is on the cleaning crew at the school and the second time it was by one of the professor's children. 

They even brought out a snow cone truck for us.
Even though "The Gathering" isn't a big deal, it just reaffirms that I work for an incredible organization. They really value the people that work for them and everyone is just so encouraging! I am beyond blessed to be where I'm at right now. 

The next day I was able to witness one of the best things ever: Adam getting all four of his wisdom teeth removed.
I. Was. Dying.
He uttered some real gems. I know that it's probably not too kind to laugh at someone who is in pain and is completely loopy from being put under, but it was too perfect not to laugh!
 (and sneak some video)
He couldn't find his tongue and was really disturbed by that. His mom caught this picture of him asking me if what he was touching (his lip) was his tongue. Oh gosh. I just couldn't even handle it. 

Thanks Addy for letting me laugh at you while you had no control over yourself. You're a real friend. Next Friday, my friend Cody is getting all four of his wisdom teeth removed. Yes, I will be visiting him as soon as he gets home. Those moments are just too perfect to let pass by. 


August 22, 2012

Busy Beaver

I am currently laying in a new bed, in a new (old) state, taking a quick breather before heading to the closing dinner for the leadership retreat I've been a part of the past couple days.
These past twenty six days have been absolutely insane. I flew home from Korea, traveled up through California, and then made the drive to Idaho where I will be laying my head for a while. While things have been hectic and rushed, I have loved it. I was able to see some great friends while I was home and then I got to head up north with my sister. 

We were joined a couple days later by two more of my sisters and my mom. I was able to see my Grandma Gemma, or Mamajama as I like to call her. I met my sweet cousin Levi who is the snuggliest of all snuggle bugs. 

After a few days in Sacramento, my mom, the twins, and I went a little further north to visit some family friends that I haven't seen in years. It was so much fun to catch up, share some Korea stories, and just laugh together. 

Then, the long, long, long drive to Idaho began. It wasn't actually that bad since we had broken it up into two days, but we were still looking at about ten hours in the car. Oh, did I mention I drove all of it? My mom and I each took a car (I have a lot of stuff- don't judge!) so that meant that I had to drive the entire time. I got a serious case of drivers elbow, drivers right butt cheek, and drivers knee. I don't know if you are familiar with any of these, but they will get ya! 

Oh Idaho. You welcomed me right back in with open arms- but you didn't let me rest! I spent three days renovating my new house with the help of so many wonderful people. I want to share pictures but there are many people to thank and stories to tell so it deserves it's own post. 

The last couple days were spent in beautiful Cascade, Idaho attending a leadership retreat with the staff and student leaders at the university I'm working for. It was a great time of encouragement, challenges, and ideas for the coming year. I am so excited for what I get to do and how I get to play a role in this school year. 


August 13, 2012

Hi friends! My friend Kasey asked me to write a guest post for her while she's on vacation in Hawaii.   I shared a bit about one of my favorite vacations- my trip to Vietnam! Go on over and check it out if you would like to. Have a happy Monday!

August 8, 2012

My Life Be Like Ooh Aah

Making that old Grits song the title for today's entry was absolutely foolish because I just know that now I'll be singing it all day. That's okay- it was time to switch it up from Payphone, which I happen to only known a line of but it's still been dominating my brain the past couple days.

Life has been such a whirlwind at home. I've been unpacking from Korea, going through all of the things I had packed up when leaving Idaho that stayed in my parent's garage, and figuring out what I still want and what is going to the Goodwill. In addition to the organizing and packing, I've been trying to see some friends and family members. Needless to say, things have been busy. Maybe I'll actually get to catch up and rest when I get to Idaho. Doubtful... but a girl can dream, right?

Ugh. Doctor's appointments. I had three this last week. The first was a check up which turned into major blood work being done because apparently you should take antivirals and malaria medication before you travel to/around Southeast Asia. Woopsies. The worst appointment was my secondary skin biopsy. In Korea I had a little adventure with a mole removal, which you can read about here if you feel so inclined. The secondary biopsy was to remove the skin that had surrounded the mole where the changing cells were found. Things went much more smoothly this time around which I'm super grateful for since the first time was borderline traumatic. 

I went with two of my sisters and my parents to Lee's Sandwiches in Fountain Valley the other day. Oh. My. Gosh. So stinkin' delicious. They had Vietnamese coffee too which I have been jonesing for ever since getting back from Vietnam in January. 

After the lunch at Lee's we went over to my Uncle John's house to help take pictures of the scariest subject material ever. Dolls. I spend my entire afternoon placing dolls, holding them, cleaning them off, and probably being put under their scary voodoo spells. My aunt used to make them and it's just time to say goodbye to them. Want to know the most terrifying thing? She made a doll once and used my hair (I had cut a foot off of it) to make the dolls hair. 

There is a doll out there, somewhere, that is me. 

Have you ever been to the Boiling Crab in Costa Mesa? If not- go. Go now. Drop whatever you are doing and go there. Do not go with anyone you would want to impress because you will get ridiculously messy. I am usually a little biased when it comes to seafood restaurants because my father is in the seafood business, but we all made an exception for the Boiling Crab. 

Look at this lovebug. Can you even handle how adorable he is? I'm normally not a little dog person- we've always had big dogs growing up, but when Pancho basically chose us, there was no way we could walk away. I love morning cuddles with my still sleepy dog. 


August 1, 2012

Home, Sweet Home

I arrived at LAX on Saturday afternoon after a way too long flight with way too much turbulence. I didn't think that I would cry because I had already cried a bit saying goodbye to students and friends, but as soon as I saw my family, I started tearing up. My dad was pressing his face up against the glass that separated us as I finished going through customs and immigration, my sisters were holding signs, and my mom could barely contain her excitement. 
I had quite a lovely welcoming group- my parents, my best friend & her mom, my four sisters, and Ryan (my sister's fiancee). It was just a perfect reunion.

Since coming home, I've gone to a baseball game with my dad and sisters. We (the Angels) didn't win, but it was a fun game!

I've eaten some delicious food. It helps to have a father who works in the restaurant business, can you even handle how delicious this breakfast looks? I could die. 

I've reunited with some incredible friends, like Katie. Katie (who I've known since she was born) is going to move to Thailand to teach English. I'm excited to be able to support her and encourage her through her experience! 

And last, but not least, I've soaked up the beautiful California weather and scenery. Gosh, I just love my home. 

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