September 17, 2013

tunesday: interview with torrey summer

I brag on these girls a lot, that's what happens when you have such talented friends. Summer and I have been friends for about eight years and with that friendship, I inherited her little sister Torrey as my surrogate little sister and dear friend. Although life has separated us a bit over the past couple years, we take every opportunity to see each other and when we're all together, it's always the best time. It has been so much fun to watch them journey through this experience over the past couple of years. They are so talented and I'm so excited that their EP is out now! I got to  do a mini interview with them earlier today and wanted to share some sneak peeks at what the future holds for my gal pals!

When did you two decide to make music together?
We have both been singing our whole lives and writing songs for as long as we can remember, but it wasn't until about five years ago that we realized we had something special together. After that point we discovered what a huge passion it was of ours and we knew we had to pursue it. 
What's your favorite venue that you've played and why?
The Roxy! It's such an awesome venue. The staff is super nice, the sound is amazing, and there's so much history there. It's fun being on a stage that you know countless legends have also been on!

What's your favorite song off of the new EP?
That's a tough one, but probably Kiss N Ditch. It tells such a great story while still being up beat and fun!

We've seen the video for Kiss N Ditch and what a hunk of a costar you had- who would be your dream video costar?
Summer: Zachary Levi! He's so nerdy, cute, and seems really genuine! And he's 6'4! Holla!
Torrey: The hottest guy I can find with long, curly hair and bare feet! He'd probably become my boyfriend afterwards haha. 
What sort of events inspired this EP?
This is a collection of songs that tell stories of love (or our dreams of love) and heartbreak. Lots of guys have made us really mad and really happy over the past two years that we've been writing this album. These songs are a journal of all those experiences. 

Who would you love to write music with?
Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic! He is such an incredible song writer. We would also love to write with Jason Mraz. 
What can we expect in the future from Torrey Summer? 
Lots of new videos, songs, and photos. And hopefully a tour with Ed Sheeran! 
For more info on Torrey Summer visit their websitefacebooktwitter, or instagram! You can find their EP on Itunes and it's less than six bucks. Good music and a cheap price tag? That's a win/win.


  1. What a fun and catchy song!
    It's going to be such a fun journey for these sisters.

  2. And I totally agree about Zachary Levi ;)


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