June 15, 2012

From Korea, With Love

It has been exactly 284 days since I have seen my family and I have exactly 43 days to go until I get to see them again.
I never, in a million years, intended or desired to go this long without seeing my family. I had a trip planned home for Christmas, but unfortunately life had other plans. You see, there's just a little bit of distance between San Diego, California and Seoul, South Korea.
The last nine months of my life have been a roller coaster: there have been some incredible highs (strong friendships, traveling in Asia, dancing in the street with thousands of people at a parade) and some really low lows (missing my best friends wedding, missing my sister's college graduation, crying my way through November).
As my time here continues to decrease at an uncanny rate, I just have to pause and take a minute to be thankful for every single moment that I've had here. I have learned so much in the last year, not only about a new culture, but about myself. I have a lot of peace at this moment in time about where life has taken me and where I'll be taken in the coming months.
Korea has been a blessing, one that I wasn't always thankful for, but I have grown up a lot and grown closer to God.
In the next 43 days I plan on being intentional with my time here. I am going to continue being the best teacher I can, I will continue making relationships with the beautiful children I get to work with, and I will continue investing in the wonderful friendships that God has blessed me with.
I am beyond stoked to get to see my family again, but I'm also more aware than ever, that I am leaving a place where I have grown some roots.


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