June 30, 2012

I Still Choose You

Saturday was a complete bust since it was pouring until seven pm. I just stayed home and did a bit of cleaning... emphasis on the "bit." Last night I decided to go see a movie with friends. Since our options are limited here, we decided on Cabin in the Woods. I do love a good scary movie, although I reserve the right to watch through hands clasped over my eyes. 
Let me just say that Cabin in the Woods is the WEIRDEST movie I have ever seen. It's not a scary movie, well it sort of is, but it's also like a parody/social commentary/weird movie. Would I see it again?

Most definitely not.

Did I mind looking at this:

Not. At. All.

Today I'm off to meet someone that will be buying my phone & contract. That means I'll be iPhoneless for the next 27 days. OH HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE?
It'll be kind of fun. 
Maybe I will spend more time doing "real" things instead of perusing Instagram! 
(Yeah... right.)


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