August 30, 2012

YOU are faithful

I have recently been completely and entirely blown away by God's faithfulness, especially when I am so completely undeserving of His blessings. I just look back on the past year and a half and am awestruck at where I've been and where I'm at. God has provided so many incredible opportunities for me. Most recently, He has blessed me with the PERFECT job. I will be getting to do psychosocial rehabilitation with kids. Not only do I get to work with kids again (which is ideal), the job and the hours are so perfectly tailored for what I can take on right now. It's almost as if this specific position was created solely for me. 

I know that it is easy to praise God when the blessings roll in, but I think it's imperative to praise Him even in the dry spells, even in the times where you look around and think, "Hey God, could you throw me a bone?!" God is there even when we feel alone. 

He's good even when we are not.

Last night at Time Out (the weekly student lead service at NNU) I was introduced to this song and it has been pressed on my heart ever since hearing it. 

I am just lovin' it. 
I am just lovin' life. 
God is good. 
God is oh so good. 


  1. wait! just stalked and discovered you work at NNU... um my little sister (not real sister but like a sister) is a SENIOR there and has a student government role. it would be so awesome if you knew her!

  2. So I'm commenting on your blog again and don't want to come across as too stalkerish, but I can't help myself from commenting on this one! I love, love, love this song. Such a good one. And I love that you love kids and helping them, too! As a future teacher, finding other people who have a passion for kids is a great feeling.

    And I also loved your post on being content about being single. It's something that I have had troubles with every now and then and it was so encouraging to read your post. What a great perspective on the situation!

    I'm going to go back and read more of your posts (hopefully you don't mind too much...). :)


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