August 25, 2012

Idaho Nights & Missing Teeth

Idaho has absolutely perfect weather right now- it's hot and dry while the nights cool down to the 70's. I am just loving it. It's a huge improvement from the hot, sticky, and wet weather in South Korea. The other night I attended an event called "The Gathering." It's a get together for everyone who works at the university along with their families. I wasn't going to attend just because I felt like I needed a night of relaxation, but was convinced to attend by some of the people I work with. 
I am SO glad they changed my mind, it was a blast. I ended up playing softball on the Student Development team, and although we lost both games, it was a lot of fun.

I got laid out TWICE during the two games. It was hilarious, although my I've had a headache since being knocked down and I'm starting to wonder if there's a connection there... The first time it was by a very big man who is on the cleaning crew at the school and the second time it was by one of the professor's children. 

They even brought out a snow cone truck for us.
Even though "The Gathering" isn't a big deal, it just reaffirms that I work for an incredible organization. They really value the people that work for them and everyone is just so encouraging! I am beyond blessed to be where I'm at right now. 

The next day I was able to witness one of the best things ever: Adam getting all four of his wisdom teeth removed.
I. Was. Dying.
He uttered some real gems. I know that it's probably not too kind to laugh at someone who is in pain and is completely loopy from being put under, but it was too perfect not to laugh!
 (and sneak some video)
He couldn't find his tongue and was really disturbed by that. His mom caught this picture of him asking me if what he was touching (his lip) was his tongue. Oh gosh. I just couldn't even handle it. 

Thanks Addy for letting me laugh at you while you had no control over yourself. You're a real friend. Next Friday, my friend Cody is getting all four of his wisdom teeth removed. Yes, I will be visiting him as soon as he gets home. Those moments are just too perfect to let pass by. 



  1. Bahaha, I think it's hilarious that you took a photo (w/a lil video) of him while he was all loopy. The dentist has been trying to get me have mine removed but no way jose...not gonna happen.

    Yay for snow cones!

  2. So i was secretly hoping for a possible reunion with you when you got back from South Korea, but you're already gone!!

    But I AM glad that you're settling into your new home and that you're already having a good time.


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