February 24, 2013

i'd like to thank the academy

I am a drama queen. There's no other way to put it. I love the stage and the silver screen. I was bitten by the theater bug when I portrayed Mary in the Saint Francis of Assisi Preschool production of the Christmas story. I took my role very seriously. I'm pretty sure I wrote my first Oscar acceptance speech in elementary school and often put on shows that I made my family watch. I was definitely a ham. I've known for years that if I were to attend the Oscar's, I'd obviously wear Zac Posen and I'd definitely end up on all of the best dressed lists. There's no way that Joan and her gaggle of outfit haters could find one critique of my ensemble. They'd love me. I've always been in love with Hollywood and so when big awards shows roll around, I'm smitten. I've got to watch. I want to see what everyone wears, I want to see who wins, and I want to pretend like I'm there. 

I have to say that I'm SUPER impressed with the Oscar's this year. I feel like the hosts are always pretty dicey, unless it's Billy Crystal or Steve Martin. You know those gents will always treat us viewers right, but there's something about a bad host that really ruins the entire night. I was definitely apprehensive when I heard that Seth MacFarlane would be the host. I don't know much of him, but I know he's created the things I wasn't allowed to watch as a child (Family Guy). I also heard that Ted was super yuck, so I was convinced this year would be filled with awkward moments and inappropriate jokes. He totally surprised me. I laughed a lot. I thought he was a great host. There were a couple "blah" moments, but overall- he was great! 

Let's talk Oscar fashion. I definitely thought that everyone was pretty on point this year. There are usually a handful of people who you wonder how they ended up wearing something so heinous when you know you could do better with a hundred bucks and a David's Bridal prom dress. Here are my absolute favorites from this year:

Jenna Dewan Tatum in Rachel Roy. 
I thought she looked absolutely breathtaking. The dress was beautiful, it was the perfect baby bump gown, and her hair/makeup was spot on. She absolutely knocked it out of the park with her look. 

Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen.
Look at her. I can't even handle it. Her lilac and silver gown was just perfect. It has enough detail to make it interesting but isn't overwhelming. I love the neckline and the silhouette is just to die for. 

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta.
If you're going to do a big gown, this is the way to do it. I love the color and Amy is doing a great job of looking young, playful, but simultaneously so elegant. I think she looks absolutely perfect.

Here are the two that I think needed to step it up the most: 

Melissa McCarthy in David Meister. 
This dress is just a disaster. Melissa is way too lovely and wonderful to settle for wearing something like this. I can think of so many styles that would be infinitely more flattering on her figure. This literally looks like a glitzy trash bag. 

Brandi Glanville in BrandB (her own line).
I get the concept behind this dress. I do. But homegirl, your showing too much of your chest. I am pretty sure that during the pre-show, I saw her nipple. That's gross. You are lovely and have a great figure, but your dress looks like you just didn't pull it up enough. It just looks like a major wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. I'm not a fan. And also, why was she invited to the Oscars? 

You know what I noticed about this year? Everyone's hair was messy. Very few people had polished locks and Kristen Stewart was the queen of the bedhead. I just wanted to take a few bobby pins and tame it! I get the whole "beachy" hair look. I love that, but I think that you need to put your best foot forward at the Oscar's, and messy hair is a tricky thing. Sometimes it looks perfect, and other times it looks like you stuck your head out of the window the entire way to the red carpet. 

I loved that they featured a lot of music this year. I died when Jennifer Hudson came out. She is incredible. She is a stinkin' powerhouse. I had chills the entire time she sang. She deserved another Oscar for her incredible performance. I tweeted tonight (@jessnovello- come hang out with me!) that Les Mis has a direct line to my tear ducts because any time they showed a bit from the movie, I was weeping. I can't look away though. I must endure it. 

Let's just talk for a minute about how precious Jennifer Lawrence is. I feel like she is so genuine and down to earth. What you see is what you get, and I respect that so much in an environment that turns people into robots. I love Hollywood, but it has a way of sucking the life out of people and turning them into robots void of personality. She absolutely biffed it on her way to accept her award for Best Actress. You know what she did? She stood up, walked up there, and cracked a joke at her expense. She played it off to wear we all loved her even more post fall because of how endearing she is. Also, did you catch that Hugh Jackman ran over to help her because he is the ultimate stud muffin? If I fell at the Oscar's, I can think of no one I'd rather have help me up than Hugh. What a gent. 

I loved hearing other people's opinion of the evening via twitter. My favorite tweet of the night?

I also decided that I want short hair. I know that I don't really want short hair, but a very dumb part of me believes that I'd look cute with it. The truth is that I'd probably cut it and then realize I looked like a boy. I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough for a short Anne Hathaway-esque style, but I just think it'd be so fun. Ugh, I am just realizing that if I did that, I'd just look even more like Elton John. Okay, that settles it, not doing it. Can't be mistaken for Elton anymore. 

So tell me, who was on your best dressed list? Do you love Jennifer Lawrence as much as I do? Spill. 


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  1. Ugh...looking at that picture of Brandi just irks me. 1)NOW I understand why she's wearing such a trashy dress. It's her own creation. 2)Why would she ever think that this type of dress is Oscar appropriate...this isn't the MTV Movie Awards. 3)Just like you asked...why the HECK was she even invited. Ugh, I don't like her at all.

    My other fave that you didn't mention? Kristen Wiig. When I saw her hair, I about died. She was perfection.

    That tweet about Kristen Stewart = hilar.


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