February 18, 2013

twenty five before twenty six

I enjoy lists. I also really like adding things to my to-do lists that I've already accomplished so I can cross something off and feel like I'm the most productive person in the world. I celebrated my 25th birthday last week which is really weird because I remember turning thirteen like it was yesterday. I remember starting high school and graduating high school. How can it be that I'm already 25? I was sure that by this age I'd be married, have kids, and work some really awesome job that all of the popular girls I went to high school would envy. 
I'm twenty five, as single as I was when I was thirteen, have no kids, but do have a pretty great job. One out of three isn't bad, right? 
I've decided to make a list of twenty five things I want to do before I turn twenty six. Some of these are goofy, some of these are serious, and some are things I've wanted to do but just never have made the time to do. 
Here goes nothin':
1. Get my nose pierced.
I have wanted to get my nose pierced since I was sixteen. That's nine years you guys. I haven't done it yet because I've been too afraid of the pain. That's so silly. I just need to do it!
2. Read/finish 25 books.
Like I said in my last post, I start so many books and never finish them. I am going to start and complete 25 books before I turn 26. I AM GOING TO DO IT.
3. Learn to knit or crochet.
I'm actually going to just choose whichever one is easiest. Is that bad?
4. Print pictures from Korea and Vietnam.
I love the convenience of digital photography and the ability to catalogue all of my pictures on my computer, but I hate not having pictures in albums. Call me an old lady but I'd love to show you the pictures in an album from my adventure, not have you sit in front of my computer.
5. Go on a trip. 
This one is a little bit of a cheat one because I know I'm already going a few different places this year. This is one of those ones that I'm adding just to cross off, but also, traveling is fun and I love exploring new places!
6. Ride my bike. 
I got a seriously bitchin' beach cruiser for Christmas a couple years ago. Guess how many times I've ridden it? Once. I fell off in front of my theology professor and vowed to never ride it again. That was two years ago. It's time to suck it up and ride. Gosh, I could so be on Sons of Anarchy.
7. Hike up to Tablerock.
Tablerock is a hilly region that looks over the Boise valley. I have never actually been up there but I've always wanted to go. As soon as the weather gets warmer, I'm going to head up there with some friends.
8. Try more local restaurants.
Boise has so many great restaurants, but I always end up going to places I know instead of venturing out and finding new places. It's time to make some new favorites.
9. Go to a concert.
I want to make it a point to see more live music this year, whether it be a small local band or a big show at a large venue. 
10. Complete Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (more than once...)
I started it in Korea and never finished it, which shouldn't surprise anyone because I'm a great started but a horrible finisher. I'm going to do the 30 days consecutively and then I'm going to be really trim and hot and everyone's going to be in love with me.
11. Use my crock pot.
I have a really great crock pot and I want to be more intentional about using it. I've pinned so many delicious looking recipes lately that I should probably start trying them out. 
12. Throw a dinner party.
Three courses! Cute name tags! A fun, swanky playlist! Dresses and fancy clothes! The whole enchilada! 
13. Listen to new music.
I have my favorite musicians and I'm completely fine listening to them and only them, but I need to be more open to new music. I know I sound like a Great Depression era Grandmother with my preferences and unwillingness to change, so it's time to start listening to some new tunes.
14. Go on a date
Okay, this one needs explaining. I've never been on a date. I have a bunch of friends who want to "set me up" for fun and I've always been afraid of going and the person not liking me or it being awkward. Who cares, Jess? If it crashed and burned- it would still be a great story. No one said dates have to equal marriage, so I'm going to let someone set me up this year! 
15. Learn to play the guitar
My guitar is so neglected and so sad. It's probably full of weepy songs about abandonment since it hasn't been touched in forever, so it's only fair to brush up on my skills (and by brush up I mean learn) and set those songs free.
16. Send more cards
I love sending cards and I love receiving them. There's something so great about a handwritten card coming your way, especially when it's "just because." My friend Sam (HEY GIRL!) is so great about this. I need to get better and use cards as a way to let people know how much I love them and how thankful I am for them.
17.  Do more DIY projects
I've got a pinboard (dang you pinterest and your lofty aspirations!) filled to the brim with some relatively easy DIY projects. It's time to do some- there's no way that no sew fabric bunting can be that hard, right? 
18. Bake more
I used to love baking. I would do it when I was happy or sad... and I rarely gorged on the end results!  The process was just therapeutic and a great outlet! 
19. Be more honest with people
I wouldn't say I'm a liar, but I think I'm often not honest with how I'm feeling because I'm afraid I'll be rejected or I'm afraid of causing an issue. I think that things would work better if we were a little more honest with people- as good 'ol John Mayer said "say what you need to say." Does anyone remember the card commercials with that song in it? They ruined that song. They ruined John Mayer.
20. Collect family recipes
The best cooks in my family are getting older. My grandma is celebrating her 90th birthday in March. She is a wealth of information when it comes to authentic and delicious Italian recipes. I know that she has shared them with my aunts, but I want them. I want to make homemade ravioli on Christmas Eve for my family. I want to make that incredible potato bread thing that my dad and grandmother made together who's name I'm surely pronouncing wrong and therefore refusing to spell. 
21. Run a 5k
I ran a 5k when I lived in Korea. It was a huge step in getting healthy for me, it seriously encouraged me to abandon thoughts of self doubt and accomplish a goal. If you want to read about the first 5k experience, you can do so HERE! I want to run another race, and by run, I mean "Jessica Run" not "Olympic Run." There's a big difference, okay, let's be real, there's a HUGE difference. 
22. Be more intentional with my money
It's time to budget. I could only survive so long with spending my money however I wanted to. I am really interested in taking one of those Dave Ramsey Financial Peace courses. I know a lot of people who have done it and said that it's been life changing. 
23. Invest more in my church
I've been going to a small house church since September and I am seriously loving it. It is the first church in Idaho that I've felt entirely connected with and completely comfortable at. I have gotten involved with a women's study through the church and absolutely loved it. There are a few people who give so much of their time and efforts to see that the church continues growing- I want to give my time and talents to assist in their efforts. 
24. Be more consistent in reading the Bible and praying
I have this problem that I think a lot of Christians share in- I get so great at seeking the Lord when things are rough, and then I tend to draw away and become self reliant when things are going well. What a fool! Like I am somehow responsible for things going well but God is responsible when things go wrong. I couldn't be more off base. I want to seek the Lord all the time- in the good moments, the bad moments, and the stagnant times. 
25. Spend more time in silence
This has been weighing heavily on my heart lately. I fill my down time with reading, listening to music, or texting. There are very few moments where I'm entirely disconnected. I need more of those moments. I need to be okay with the discipline of silence. I need to incorporate it more into my life. That means unplugging and just being. 


  1. This list is oh so fabulous! I've had my nose pierced (twice!) and I think it hurt far less than having my ears pierced. Just make sure you close your eyes if you're scared. What books are on your list??

    1. I know in my brain that there's no way that the pain would be unbearable. I know that. It is logical. But for some reason, I imagine it being horrific. I am so dramatic!
      Some of the books on my list are "The Good and Beautiful God," The Narnia books, several C.S Lewis books, The Hobbit, and then I will fill the rest in with whatever catches my eye. Do you have any must reads? I am so open to suggestions!

  2. Fantastic list. Pretty interested in stealing a few of these, actually. Specifically: the dinner party (the swanky kind, obv) and complete the 30-day shred. (I feel like they balance each other out). Can we get some kind of 30-day support support group going?


    1. Oh my gosh, let's do the Shred simultaneously! That would definitely help keep me accountable!

  3. We are. the same. person.

    I know how to knit, but I don't know how to finish. So basically, every winter I work on the same scarf. It's my tradition. It will be the longest scarf, probably ever.

    I start a million things and never finish a million things. One personality test described me as "highly motivated, but lacking application." YEP, THAT'S ME.

    One day when we meet I will tell you the stor(ies) of my first date with Bryan. I was DELICIOUSLY awkward, complete with really sweaty hands.


    1. FRAN. You are the greatest comment leaver ever. I seriously look forward to your comments because they are the best. I am the queen of sweaty palms. If a situation is uncomfortable in the slightest, my palms are raining. It's mortifying! We shall meet one day and it will be the best!

  4. :)

    Just found your blog.

    I love how I can raise my hand in agreement for numbers 1-25.

    You're cool :)

    xO Rachel

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rachel!

  5. 1. I find crocheting way easier than knitting.
    2. Send me a card! I love getting mail!

    1. I will have to pick up crocheting in that case! I will definitely have to send you a card or something, I loved getting mail in Korea too! Even a postcard was such a fun surprise!

  6. You have so many good goals! I have a lot of goals as well, but you especially seem to have a lot of good goals! :D In fact, a lot of your goals as the same ones that I have.

    URL: http://ashleyschackow.com

    1. Thanks Ashley! It was a fun list to make, but now it's holding me accountable to actually do them!

  7. Coming from a girl who is a big WUSS, getting your nose pierced isn't painful at all!! A nose piercing would look so cute on you.

    Please share your book list!

    #10..rock on girl! ;D


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