November 17, 2013

it's the freakin' weekend

Because my job is so crazy and there's always a chance that I could be up in the middle of the night or making emergency room trips on the weekend (five times since September!), I attempt to take moments of relaxation whenever they are presented. Luckily, weekends have calmed down a bit and I get them (mostly) to myself. 

This weekend was quiet, or at least it has been so far, and I spent my Saturday crafting, drinking coffee, and listening to some new music. I wanted to share a little project with you because it's SO STINKIN' EASY and you guys know I'm all about the easy crafts. I like to call this project, "Make Magnets." 

Here's what you'll need:

Magnets (I picked the ones with adhesives on the back)
Mod Podge
Glass disc bulby things (Can be found near the tinier guys that you'd put in a fish bowl)
A paintbrush or a sponge thing
Scrapbook paper
A cup of coffee in a Narnia mug

The last item on that list is optional, but trust me, it makes the process so much more enjoyable. Sidenote- one of my resident's mamma's blessed me with a Starbucks gift card and a package of Thanksgiving Blend. Thanksgiving Blend is perfect. I am currently sipping on some right now and it's perfect. 

Are you ready for the directions? Trace the little disc bulbs (what are they even really called?) on your scrapbook paper, cut it out (oh yeah- you'll need scissors), and then glue it on to the flat side of the disc with the mod podge. After that is completely dried, stick a magnet on the back and VOILA! You've got a cute new set of magnets. 

Here's where I tell you how to learn from my mistakes. See that super cute glitter paper? I did not work because it was too thick. You need more pliable paper that will adhere to the disc. The green paper that I have down there is also more of a cardstock and didn't stick easily either. I purchased magnets that already had adhesive on the back of them and they did not work. The glass was too heavy for it and they slid off of my fridge causing me to become very frustrated. I recommend buying heavy duty magnets and using a glue gun to keep them on. I ended up finding some better magnets and now they aren't slipping off of my fridge. 

After you finish the easiest project of all time, you are left with some super cute magnets that hold up super cute pictures of your super cute friends. 

This project was super cheap and would be a fun little gift to add into a hostess gift or something. I do have to admit that I was inspired to make this from my friend who has these all over her fridge. She's used glitter, letters, and scrapbook paper and no matter how different they are, they don't seem to conflict! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Although mine was enjoyable, I am anxious for it to pass because on Wednesday, my baby sister arrives and I get to spend six whole days with her! My heart is just in a complete state of anticipation as I await the arrival of Sophia! It's been 108 days since I've seen her, and for anyone that has a sister, you know that's just unacceptable.  


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  1. Oh my gosh...what a fun idea!
    Love that you picked leopard :)


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