November 27, 2013


Oh friends, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! There is just something that warms my heart when people gather together and share thanks for their numerous blessings. Unfortunately, I won't be spending the holiday with my immediate family, but luckily I have family here in Idaho that is providing me with a delicious meal and a cozy environment. This will be the third Thanksgiving I've spent away from home, but one of the things I am so thankful for is that I've had a really great community around me to make me feel "at home" even when I'm away from home. 

In addition to the things I gave thanks for last year, here are some of the things I am thankful for this year, in no particular order of course: 

1. Sisterhood
To me, sisterhood is not only the bond between blood sisters, but just the solid, unbreakable, beautiful bond between sistafriends. I am so grateful to have sistas from otha mista that are just like blood. I think that because I now work with 147 women, I appreciate true sisterhood more than ever. I think it takes maturity to be able to truly be a friend to another woman- you have to abandon jealousy, comparison, and celebrate one another entirely. 

2. Coffee
Oh coffee, I'm so thankful for you. You wake me up gently in the morning, you are the coziest beverage around (tea & cocoa ain't got NOTHIN' on coffee), and you take on many flavors. I'm currently sipping on some Thanksgiving blend from Starbucks (oh gosh it is so good) with a dash of pumpkin spice creamer and eating a donut. Can you even imagine a more perfect morning? Not only am I thankful for the delicious taste of coffee, I'm thankful for the community that happens around coffee. In a small town, like Nampa, so many of my "get togethers" with friends happen at our local coffeehouse, The Flying M Coffee Garage. To me, there's nothing more lovely than getting together with a friend over a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. You lose all track of time and before you know it, the faces at the tables around you have changed many times and your cup has been empty longer than it was full. 

3. Taste Buds
I know that there are people who have the unfortunate curse of not being able to taste food, I (THANK GOODNESS) am not one of those people! I taste. I taste a lot! I am currently tasting my coffee. I hope to taste some quiche for lunch today. What a bland world it would be if nothing had flavor. 

4. Sparkles
I firmly believe in the power of sparkles. I realize how goofy that sounds, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am positive that they have healing powers. Having a bad day? Put a coat of glitter on your nails and your bad day has become your best day! Experiencing heart ache? Put on that sparkly dress and it's like a bandaid was put right over the fracture. I have a pair of glitter flats that just seem to make dull days bright again! 

5. Education
I'm so grateful to have received a great, well rounded education. Though I'm still paying that education off, and will be for a while, it was worth every penny I spent. I was lucky enough to have professors who cared about me holistically- they invested in me both inside of and outside of the classroom. I am now getting my Master's in Social Work. I have about two years ahead of me until I graduate which feels like forever, but in two years I will be a master. You will all call me master (at least once, please) and I will be the proud new owner of a piece of paper that equips me to do things I can't do now. 

I pray that this holiday season, you are surrounded by love and have numerous reasons to give thanks. I know that in some seasons of life, giving thanks is more difficult, but I encourage you to find the blessings in every day life. I've been there. I've struggled to see the silver lining or to find things to give thanks for, but they are there. I promise. What are you thankful for? 


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  1. you are a gem. I so enjoyed reading this blog post and THANK you for linking up!

    and coffee. yes. oh mah goodness YES. praise God.


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