July 4, 2012

The Oxford Trunk

I first heard about this great jewelry company from my dear friend Jess who happens to be friends with one of the owners, Jess. 
That makes THREE Jess', but apparently three Jess' with a love for pretty jewelry at a great price! I just ordered my first piece from The Oxford Trunk and I am so stinkin' excited for them to arrive.
Well, they'll actually arrive before I do, but that'll make them a coming home present, right? 

Just so we're clear- that's a totally justified purchase. 

(Dress Me Up Earrings, $14.00)

I love the look of these because they are super feminine but also very versatile. I have a lot of post earrings, but I think I need to start investing in some more dangle type earrings. I think these will turn out to be a pretty great investment, if you ask me. 
It was hard for me to just limit myself to one purchase though... there are so many great pieces for sale on their site right now! Everything has a great price too which makes me feel not so guilty about indulging in a little welcome home gift for myself.

(Let's not talk about the dress from Asos, the two American Apparel v-necks, and Frye boots that are also waiting for me as a "welcome home" present.)



  1. pretty sure i need these earrings!! i will have to check out that jewelry company :)

    sooo cute!

    1. I just love that their mantra is "Young, Broke, & Fabulous." Right up my alley... especially the "broke" part! :]

  2. These are SO cute!
    I've heard about Oxford Trunk, but never really knew what they're about. Thanks for sharing!!


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