September 6, 2012

Crowning Glory

A little bit of this? 

 A little bit of that?

I definitely don't want to go AS red as Ashlee's hair, but I feel like red (or some reddish hues) could be a lovely addition for fall & winter. I am so indecisive with hair though, so it's times like this that I'm very lucky to have some very hair talented friends. I am going to take both of these pictures to Ariel and say, "Combine them and make my hair look lovely."

I am sure she will. 


  1. I'm sure the end result will be fabulous. I love the red hair.

  2. I'm doing my hair just like it today!
    I used to be PLATINUM and went mid brown and love it so I'm digging deeper going a dark dark brown with a reddish/purple tint. I can't even wait!
    It's happening in 4 hours!
    You'll look FAB.


    1. Dark is just SO perfect for fall! I am actually going to have to go next Saturday instead of this weekend, but I'm SO excited! Your hair looks so perfect too! Love that shade.

  3. DO IT! I've been getting the itch too!

    post pictures asap.


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