November 14, 2012

a sad goobye

I mentioned in a past blog post that I had to fill you guys in on a sad goodbye. Remember Piper? Unfortunately Piper had to find a new home. I know, I know. Piper was, how do I say this politely? THE DEVIL. She looks so cute. Trust me, I know she appeared to be a sweet little kitten angel sent from heaven. She fooled us you guys, she fooled us all. Piper started to refuse to use her litter box and was leaving me nice not-so-little surprises all over my floor every day when I got home from work. 
I came home from work one day and she had pooped NINE times on my bath mat. NINE TIMES. YOU GUYS HER LITTER BOX WAS CLEAN AND LESS THAN TWO FEET AWAY. After some research on "the google," it was determined that there was no reason she was doing this, other than the fact that she was a more territorial cat or she just hated me. I think it was the latter.
The final straw was when I was playing with her and she crawled into my bookshelf. I looked at her and thought she looked oh so cute snuggling on my books. That's when she started to pee all over my Bible. MY BIBE! Is there nothing sacred? I swear she even smiled at me when she did it. 
After that, I knew that it was time for Piper Devil Pussycat to find a new home. I tolerated the "accidents" for quite a while and tried to figure out if I had done anything to bring them on. To borrow the wise words of Shaggy, "It wasn't me." It was Piper. It was all her. Of course it was difficult to say goodbye and I never expected anything like this to happen, but living in a community house means I share my space and it's not fair for animal accidents to be all over the house just awaiting discovery. So there you have it, it was quite a sad goodbye, but I haven't missed the accidents or urine soaked Bible pages. 


  1. I am pretty sad you said goodbye to Piper. But I understand - one can only tolerate so much poop. My family has a cat that we call the devil's mistress, but she's my little sister's cat so she will probably have to stay around forever.
    Your poor smelly Bible!

    1. Honestly, we all need to be praying for Piper's salvation. She peed on a Bible.

    2. Is nothing sacred? It was my Bible. I knew she didn't respect me but I had to learn that hard way that she doesn't even respect Jesus! Lord have mercy on Piper!

  2. Oh my goodness that is so sad!
    Some kitties are just born devilish!
    How can something be wrapped in such a cute package and be a brat!
    That kid of stuff should be forbidden!!


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