November 2, 2012

it's good to have options

Last night I got to see David Bazan perform. 

It was incredible.

I started listening to David Bazan after a boy put him on a mix CD for me when we were sixteen. That makes me laugh now because he put "Options" on the CD and let's be real, "Options" is NOT a song you want to try and woo someone with. It's heartbreaking. I didn't care though. I was smitten with the boy and Bazan. 

David's touring right now singing songs from Pedro the Lion's album "Control." That's the album I fell in love with when I started listening. I enjoy all of his music, but I think that "Control" holds a special place in my heart because it's the first album I really listened to. 

The show. Oh gosh, the show! It was SO good! The songs are still as incredible as they were when I first heard them. David isn't this big entertainer, but he truly is a humble artist that engages with his audience. After the show, he hung out by the stage talking to everyone. Who does that? He's not super famous, but he definitely has a pretty substantial fan base. He was just so kind and grateful that people had come out to his show. What a guy. What a show. 

Sam & I are basically best friends with him. I told him the story about the boy and the mix CD and he laughed. He laughed. I made David Bazan laugh.

Here's his song "Options" for you if you're interested to hear the song that not only sparked my love of David but the other boy as well. Hear for yourself how it's definitely not a "wooing" song but still an incredible piece of music. 

 More updates and stories to come your way later this week like family pictures, a Mexican vacation, and a sad goodbye. Hold onto your butts. 


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