December 2, 2012

a little thing called the lottery

I have always played the lottery, mentally. That means that whenever I see the signs advertising how much money could potentially be won, I imaginarily spend it all. That's my idea of playing the lottery- sure, I'll never win, but thinking about what I'd do with the money is a great way to pass the time while commuting to and from work. Here are a couple ways I would spend 40+ million dollars:
1. Pay off student loans.
I don't owe that much anymore. I'm super grateful for that, but it does suck being so young and having a pretty penny to pay back to the government. I'd pay off my student loans, my sisters student loans, and then provide a college allowance for my youngest sisters. Never having to take out a dime for an education would be perfect. 
2. New car.
Don't get me wrong, the truck is great. She gets me where I need to go every day without trouble but she's a real doozy on gas mileage. I guess if I had millions upon millions of dollars, gas wouldn't even be an issue, but I'd still want a new car. In theory, I'd want this beauty-

Sure, she wouldn't be any better with gas mileage, but I'm a millionaire! Honey badger don't care!

3. Home
This is where I'm torn. Obviously I'd want to invest in real estate, especially with buying a home being so cheap right now, but where? I know I'll be in Idaho for the next couple years, I love the idea of living in/around Seattle, but so much of my heart is in California. Could I buy more than one house? Is that foolish? I could rent one out and occupy the other. You guys, I obviously take this game very seriously because I'm literally thinking about where I would buy a house and if buying more than one would be a wise way of spending my lottery winnings.

4. Vacation
A vacation would be a must. I think it'd be so fun to do two vacations- the first would be a family one, I'm thinking I'd rent a villa in Italy for a couple weeks and invite my family members to stay with me. We'd laugh, enjoy the local cuisine, and spend our days exploring the beauty of Italy. 

The second vacation would be a gal pal trip. How great would it be to go to a tropical location with your besties for a week or two and soak up the sun Sheryl Crow style? 

5. Poppa Bear

I would buy Poppa Bear a restaurant of his own, a cozy little place with brick walls and perfect lighting just like that darling place in "Return to Me." It would be the perfect family style restaurant filled with family pictures and it would be run by the most jovial Italian man ever, Poppa Bear.

6. Donate/Mission Trips

You guys thought I wouldn't give any of the money away, didn't ya? I saved the best for last! I would definitely give a significant chunk of the money away to different causes/organizations. One thing I would love to do with it would be to go on a mission trip with my family. I think there's something so special about serving right alongside your loved ones. I would give some moola to my university, they deserve it, it's quite a lovely place. 

I seriously could go on and on about other things I'd love to do with it. I'd buy my favorite candle from Anthropology and not freak out over the $28.00 price tag. In fact, I'd buy it for you too, because it smells that nice and because I'm a millionaire, or, I would be if I actually won the lottery. What are some of the things you'd buy with lottery winnings?


  1. My husband and I play this game every week! We know what cars we'd buy, where we'd live, and everything. It's fun to live in a dreamworld for a minute. In the meantime, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the real thing :)

  2. mmm vacation! i'd love to go on one or two now :-)


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