December 16, 2012

nordies wishlist

Once upon a time I decided to buy some Frye boots. They were lovely, except they were slightly large so I decided to return them. When I saw how much money they cost again, I realized, "Holy heck Jess, that's a ton of money and spending that all on ONE pair of boots might not be the wisest use of your income right now." 
(I have pretty lengthy internal dialogues, if you didn't catch that.)
When I made my return, they issued me store credit so I decided that I would then buy a TON of different things that were cheaper instead of one big purchase.
More bang for my buck, as I like to say.
Let's look at some of the lovelies that are catching my eye right now.

If I bought all of these items, I'd still have a lot more to spend because those blasted boots were probably the most foolish decision I've ever made in my entire life. Happy Birthday (in two months) to me? 



  1. Love those earings!


  2. Seriously, we need to share closets.
    I have a Nordstrom Wish List a MILE LONG. It is so bad!

    And I want everything you posted...except the headband. I can't really rock those things. But you? Definitely!

  3. Hey! Just saw your comment over on Kelsey's blog. How cool that you were in Korea also! Newest follower!


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