January 23, 2013

Yes, Dear Studio

It has been a doozy of a week. It's been so cold, like negative in the morning cold, the repairs haven't really started in my house yet, and my computer died! A friend spilled water on it at a coffee shop so little Jessabelle (yes, that's my computers name) is at the Mac Store hopefully having some new life breathed into her. 

Although this week has been a little rough, it's also had some really great parts to it, like getting to pose for a really fun (and freezing!) shoot for Yes, Dear Studio! Aubrey and Phil (the two owners) are dear friends of mine and I was so excited when Aubs asked me to pose for her. We had a ton of fun, shared some laughs, and enjoyed frozen noses together. I realize I'm the subject of the pictures, but I've got to say, Aubs did a great job! 

Here's a little teaser for you guys: 

Aubs and Phil make the cutest wedding invitations and take the loveliest photos. You can see the shots from my session here! These two creative lovebirds are relocating from Boise to San Diego this summer, so if you know of anyone needing portraits, invites, or wedding photos- send them to Phlaubs. We've combined their names. It's the best.

I'll see you guys later this week with some Bach Chat when my computer is reborn.  


  1. gorgeous photo. loving your blog :)
    i want to see the rest of the shoot!


    1. Thanks Kirsten! It was such a fun shoot, a little chilly, but a whole lot of fun!


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