January 12, 2013

home is where the heart is

When I originally scheduled my ticket to go home for Christmas, I was able to get a killer deal ($300 roundtrip from Boise to SD- so great!) but it meant that I'd be home for twenty days. I haven't spent more than two weeks at home in over a year and a half so I was a bit apprehensive about it. Don't get me wrong, my family is so great and we adore each other, but I don't have a room anymore since my grandmother has moved in with us so I'd spend the time sleeping in my little sisters bedroom with her. 

You know what? It was perfect. I am so glad that I shared a room with Sophia while I was home. If I had my own room still, it would have been much easier to go up there and be alone, but since I didn't have that opportunity, there was so much togetherness. I got to spend the moments before falling asleep laughing with my sweet sister and pretending to speak Spanish. 

Yo tengo un gorda cabeza. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from my perfect home-cation. 

I was able to assist in throwing my sister Nebrisa a surprise engagement party. She was BEYOND surprised and even cried, which obviously means we were successful! Bris is great at surprising others and always goes out of her way to celebrate people in really lovely ways, so it was so wonderful to be able to do something for her!
In 'N Out you guys. So good. Perfection. I would be super appreciative if they opened a location in Boise. Please? 

Look at that handsome pup! Don't you just wanna snuggle the heck out of him? That's Angus, my sweet German Shepherd! He's so handsome. I spet some great time with him and was able to take him to the dog park where he would not let any of the other dogs hump him. Way to go Gus. 

One of my dear friends from college, Marisa, recently relocated to LA with her husband. I haven't been able to see her since May of 2011 so we made it a priority to see each other when I was home. We enjoyed a great little escape to the Palm Springs area and had some much needed girl time. 

I was finally able to hike Torrey Pines with my sisters and mom. I had seen pictures of them going there and was so jealous. What's better than hiking right over the ocean? I wasn't able to go when I got back from Korea because there wasn't enough time so it was something I definitely wanted to do while I was home for Christmas. It is now going to be a tradition, if I'm home for more than a couple days, we'll head down to Torrey Pines! If you live in the Southern California area, I highly recommend making a trip down there! 

And this was perhaps the sweetest moment of all. Cody has demolished me every single time we've played! EVERY TIME! It's usually by such a shameful amount too but this time, this one time I beat him! I haven't beat him since and I probably won't ever beat him again, but this single victory was enough. 

Most of these pictures are from instagram, 
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  1. Hey! Just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for more details!

  2. love hiking torrey pines!! sounds like a great trip! xo annalizbeth

    1. It was such a beautiful hike! I swear that SD has to be one of the most beautiful places, ever!

  3. My husband and I *might* be moving to SD if God opens the door for a certain job opportunity, so if that happens, I'll more than likely be asking you about everything!

    So glad that you had a wonderful time at home! I always love looking at your photos.


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