May 31, 2013

c i n c o

I have compiled a list of five things that you probably didn't know about me. Chances are that you actually don't really care about them, but that's why I made a list of only five instead of the twenty five I've seen on other blogs. Actually, I take that back. If you're reading my blog, you probably wouldn't hate to read five random facts about moi. I'm sort of interesting, sometimes.
1. I met former president George W. Bush.... twice.
If you're like the internet (yes, if you are like the internet) then you are probably screaming "PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN." You're in luck. I have a picture. You're welcome. First things first, let me tell you the story. My older sister used to be a partner in a fundraising company. I got to meet a lot of cool people by volunteering at these events or just tagging along like the presh little sister I was. It doesn't matter what political party you belong to, meeting the POTUS (How West Wing of me!) while he's in office is pretty dang cool. You know what's not pretty dang cool? Not knowing to do with your hands, a la Ricky Bobby, and ending up with this: 

2. My bachelor's degree is in Criminal Justice.
I took an intro class my freshman year because I needed a random credit and I fell in love. I was originally a communications major because I wanted to work in the magazine industry. What did I think my life was? 13 Going on 30? I quickly dropped comm, picked up criminal justice, and never looked back. Though I might never actually do anything in that field, it's still, BY FAR, my favorite thing I've ever studied. I was in the first graduating class of CJ majors at my university and I was the first girl. I'll milk that one for all it's worth. I would be a great crime solver and I stinkin' love justice, so it's perfect. Move on over Liv, there's a new SVU detective in town (except I would never, ever work SVU). 

3. I visited Korea in 5th grade.
I get it, Korea is sort of a random country for some people, but when I moved there, it wasn't the first time I had visited. My aunt's husband was a fancy shmancy business man and was sent over to Seoul with his family to plant a branch for his company. My aunt decided to fly me over for my spring break in fifth grade. It was so interesting to revisit some of the same places that we traveled when I moved there in 2011. Good thing I still don't look like a twelve year old boy.

4. I grew up attending/working at a camp in the mountains. 
People generally assume that I'm "indoorsy." It makes me laugh because I grew up spending a portion of my summers at a camp, but not a "hip" camp, a very old fashioned camp. I grew up doing archery, creek walking, identifying constellations, and hiking. In fact, I'm a certified archery instructor. This camp is so special to me. I started attending when I was 8 years old and had my last summer when I was 19. When I was fifteen, I went through a two year long leadership program that trained me to lead activities (I often led the outdoor adventure class) & be a counselor. This camp is actually how I met Kasey. One of my best friends in the whole entire world, Elyse, is someone that I met at camp. I was a counselor, she was on kitchen staff. We were basically a mountainous Romeo & Juliet (just not the whole in love thing). You still can't get over the fact that I'm a certified archery instructor, can ya? I'm so Katniss. 

5. I competed a national improv competition.
There's not really much I can say about this. I have a background in theater, and by that, I mean that I did children's theater and school plays. I loved being on stage and sort of realized that I was witty in high school. I took a couple of improv classes and then was asked to be on a team that would compete with other high school aged improv teams at a national competition. My team didn't win, but I was named MVP of my team. I have a trophy. Don't h8 me cuz u 8nt me.

So there you have it... five things you probably didn't know about me. What's something random that most people don't know about you? 

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  1. Oh Camp Cherith..that was such a fun year, even if I had nasty black hair.

    And you're even more awesome because 1) you've met G.B., AND 2) you did improv.


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