May 14, 2013

why i sometimes hate blogging

I have to be honest: sometimes I hate the blogging world. I almost feel like I'm pulled back into high school sometimes with it and I hate how it does that to me. I don't want to bash a really lovely medium, because I truly believe that there is so much good within the blogging world. Let me just explain.
I started blogging when I was in high school because I had a lot of feelings. I've always been expressive and blogs seemed like a natural transition from a journal (I was a fool!), so I did what any normal, overemotional teenager did and made a livejournal account. I proceeded to write for several years under different names there and enjoyed that medium.

When I moved to Korea, my blog became a very important way of communicating stories and pictures with family and friends. It was a great way to write down silly stories or explain about the place I was living in. I still love rereading those entries because they are just so special.
My dear bloggy friend Fran wrote a really lovely post earlier this year about blogging. It really hit home for me. If you haven't already read it, go and pour over her words- you won't regret it. She's such a great writer and this post is one straight from her heart.

I started this particular blog to chronicle life post Korea with a new job and in a new/old state. I never, ever set out to be a "blogger" nor did I ever want to write about things that didn't actually interest me just for the sake of gaining readership. I post what I want, when I want, and write in a way that I feel accurately portrays who I am. This is not meant to sound sassy, but if it does, that's probably because I am very sassy and often have trouble containing it. 

My little blog is everything I could want it to be. I love that there are a handful of lovebugs who read my words and reply with their words. It is so special and I would rather have this lovely little corner than a blog with a ton of readers who I don't know or feel connected to. 
It's weird to me that anyone would want to read what I say, but I'm glad there are some who do and glad that I've gotten to make some great connections on here.

That said, I absolutely can not and will not write things that I don't entirely believe in.  It makes me sad to see some people who have gotten swept up in the "glamour" of attaining followers and forgotten why they loved writing in the first place. I am writing for me, and if you like that, stick around, if you don't- your loss, right? 


  1. Cheers, pretty girl!
    And.... I love your sassy ass!

  2. Like Aubrey said, I love your sassy ass! :D
    But seriously, I have the same feelings about blogging. Sometimes I just want to quit because it seems like it's becoming more of a popularity contest, and I don't want to re-live high school, okay??

    i love you for YOU! And I'll read your blog until you stop writing!


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