July 25, 2012

Beyond Measure

There is no possible way that I can accurately describe my heart at this point in time. I think that this is quite possibly the heaviest my heart has ever felt. Many tears have fallen today, tears I did not think would be shed. I was given letters by many of my students today, and that is the most precious gift I could have ever received. These letters, written in their broken English, will be cherished for the rest of my life. The things said in them have blessed me beyond measure. These children will always be pressed upon my heart. I am the lucky one for getting to have spent the past eleven months with them. There is so much more I want to say, and so many snippets from the letters that I want to share, but at this time I just can't. The wound of saying goodbye is too fresh. As time passes, I would love to share more with you because of how special they are to me. 

What a beautiful adventure this has been. 



  1. Aw, that's was so sweet of them. I'm sorry your hearts breaking over having to leave them but at least you'll always have these lovely letters to look back on :)

  2. Oh Jess...look at the impact you've left on those kids. They LOVE you and you mean so much to them. What an awesome experience girl..something that you will never forget. That is so rad!

    I hope your heart gets happier soon



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