July 13, 2012

He Said, She Said

This is my friend Shim HyungSeok. He goes by Seok but I like to call him Suck, which he absolutely loves (not). He makes fun of me for the way I pronounce Korean words. Here he is trying to tell me that they way I say "dog" is totally wrong. 

I'm pretty positive they sound the same and Google translate agreed with me, but it's okay- he's the expert. The other day he asked me what the difference is between "bi***" & "sl**." I almost spit out my terrible tasting instant Korean coffee. 
Did I mention he listens to a ton of rap music? 
I taught him the phrase "hoochie mama" instead. He gets it confused with "hajima", which means a very firm "DON'T!" in Korean. Sometimes he'll pop into my office and call me a "hajimama."
I'm really going to miss that booger. 


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